i hadn’t heard of this band but i liked their attitude 

i like happy goths

p.s. hi grimeshrine! i just started following the grimes blogs but now my feed is full of my face which is somewhat offputting 

hey guys, does anybody know any websites where i can buy beanie’s that say ‘hoodlum’ on the front (or any other merchandise) and that take orders from the uk? i’ve saw a couple of people with them and i can’t seem to find any websites on the internet that are selling them. help a girl out please?????

Title: A Little Death
Artist: The Neighbourhood
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The Neighbourhood // The London

z_flexing: Boyz in da hood.





are there any blogs dedicated to the neighbourhood? cause I’m in love and I want them on my dash. please.

Im right hurrr


so, when are there going to be necklaces with the neighbourhood logo as the pendant? oh, and limited edition iphone cases with their logo on it as well as a collaboration with wildflower cases?

eta: we now have an owners page. and we’re still looking for owners by the way.

the neighbourhood performing ‘sweather weather’ live (x)

skeldos: is this real life. i thought that there weren't any nbhd fan blogs and i was losing hope but oMFG I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE ARE OTHERS, OTHERS AS FUCKING OBSESSSED AS I AM DJSAIDJASDJOFIUSHRLF

yes yes yes!

there are so many other & better nbhd blogs than mine though, i.e. all my homeskilletz over on this list [here]

where are all my hoodlums at?

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